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Aim & Mission

To provide non debatable services to all

  • Investigation for Govt. and non Govt. Insurance companies.
  • Health Insurance investigation
  • Life Insurance Investigation.
  • Training for investigators.
  • Document procurement.
  • Pre Insurance Investigation to maintain the company standard.
  • Live Investigation.
  • Un-Prejudiced Investigation.
  • To help people who fight against fraudulent activity in insurance service.
  • To Provide all insurance related services to needy under one roof.
  • To promote fair practice in insurance related services.
  • To alert the all Insurance company regarding fraudulent insurance policy / claim voluntarily.
  • To provide information regarding most commonly involved agents , people involved in fraudulent claims, who shifting their agency to another insurance company and enjoying benefit through it.
  • Forensic Services in all Department of Insurance Company.
  • Fee of cost opinion of Matter related to Medicolegal and Forensic Experts.
  • At nominal cost Opinion on cases related to Forensic interest.